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Not trying to be mean but did carpenter deserve getting his *** kicked?
game1 vs reds carpenter had his problems with brenden ryan his teammate and gm2 he had probs with rolen. but rolen doesnt take ****. so do you think carpenter deseved getting his *** pounded by rolen and others pushing him. lets hope hes suspended longer. lol.
Yes. People on here disagree with me, and i'll get 10 thumbs down, but Carpenter has always been a whiner and complainer. Great pitcher, but he's a jackass. And if people disagree, go back and watch what happened last night. The reason the pushing and kicking started was because Carpenter mouthed off to Dusty, Rolen felt the need to stick up for his manager. Carpenter can call Cueto unprofessional (which he was) but Carpenter instigated the physical altercation.

EDIT: Yes, Rolen and Carpenter were FINE after the whole altercation. They seemed to be good, I was saying that. But that doesn't change the fact they were after eachother initially when Carpenter mouthed off to Dusty.

Never said anything about punches being thrown. I think everybody pretty much knows that nobody threw punches.

But that's fine. I guess people saw what happened differently. You people aren't the only ones who thought Rolen was holding Carpenter back or whatever, and I'm not the only one who feels Rolen went after Carpenter immediately after Carpenter said something to Dusty.

But people don't like to hear it how it is. Carpenter and LaRussa are as$holes, if you don't want to admit it, that's fine. It is what it is.
Would you shoot carlos zambrano to kill him if his 260 pound *** came at you?
with all his rage? should the cubs man up, show some class,and get rid of this violent bum?
Yes they should get rid of Carlos Zambrano. He has some anger problems. If he came at me, IO would run out of the way, and far away from him.
Is there a way to get my *** tighter without surgery or excersise?
my *** weighs 49 pounds and 60% of my body fat. im afraid of knives and excersise is too much work. help
Are you sure, anything that needs to be toned has to be done with exercise. just stand at a back of a chair and kick right, then left leg back about 20x, do several times a week, also, do side lunges, or lie on side, bottom leg bent, and bring other leg straight up about 40 x, or do mini rises about 6-12" from the ground, same position. lift with your abd/back, carry obj at waist level. do side to side toe touches, or jump rope. there is no other way, our bodies are made for movement, guess that survival instinct for running from lions, tigers to keep us on the move, I don't really believe this theory, but, muscles like to be kept toned and like movement, even if the mind says no. and drink water. the only way to burn fat is with aerobic exercise, even liposuction fat comes back without toning up. minimum 3x weekly strength/wts and cardio other days or combine/split cardio/wt on 1 day, every other day. watch portion control,, just eat half and no need to deprive of foods, but should watch sugar and white food intake, if you eat whole grain breads/cereals in the am, you will stay full longer and improve digestive activity. I've fought it for years and the body just goes back to telling me what I need to do for best functioning. body payback is hell. body always wins over the mind, unless gross obesity food intake remains unchecked. Everytime I think/see a morbidly obese person, it didn't take them overnight to get that way and it takes a long time to remove the adipose tissue. some are successful, others die.
How can I loose weight without losing weight on my *** ?
So I've gained a few pounds and some of that has gone too my *** and I'm spanish and us Latin girls like and believe in having big butts I want to go back to my old weight but don't want my *** to get smaller is there anything I could possibly do ?
try the Baby Jack workoutā€¦

it really can help
How do you avoid the dreamy sideways feeling when high, and how do you not panic from the fast pounding heart?
The sideways feeling makes me nauseous, and the dreamy feeling isn't as bad as the vision or heartbeat, but I want to feel like I exist to say the least. I would almost rather take an *** whooping than feel that awful heartbeat feeling again. I can't help but panic, even though I know it's normal. Any tips? The heartbeat thing only happened the first time, but the sideways/slowed down/dreamy was there both times.
dont get high you dumbass
Girls would you let your EX kiss your *** for a Million Pounds ?
And if so then what would you say to him as he did it ??

All in fun
Yeeep. I would tell him to eff off! lol
I weigh 250 pounds would a pocket rocket be able to carry my fat ***? if so would i ruin it?
i have a go-kart and ive been thinking bout getting a pocket rocket, would one of them carry my fat *** or is there a special kind that id have to get?
Who cares ?
Buy it, thrash it, kill it, then sit your *** down in the garage with a six pack of your favourite beer and a pizza and learn to fix the piece of crap !
It's all fun and it gets you away from the wife, life doesn't get much better !
Pound for pound, what is the toughest and most kick-*** animal in the world?
Excluding insects and the honey badger.
the shrew

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